SGRI 2015 | Disentangling Subsystem Dynamics. The Search for Peace and Cooperation

The 8th SGRI Conference (26th – 27th June, 2015) on «Disentangling Subsystem Dynamics. The Search for Peace and Cooperation» was held for the fourth time at the Bruno Kessler Foundation in Trento. the Conference hosted ten panels (about 50 papers presented in total), three book presentations, a roundtable on Italy’s Foreign Policy and a plenary lecture on IR and Technology by Alessandro Pansa (University of Bologna and LUISS) and Mike Horowitz (University of Pennsylvania) 

  1. Interregionalism and the Americas 
    Panel Organizers: Gian Luca Gardini and Andreas Falke (University Erlangen-Nuremberg) 

  2. East Asia goes global
    Panel Organizers: Antonio Fiori and Matteo Dian (University of Bologna) 
  3. Emerging actors in Italy’s near abroad: assessing China’s growing role in the West Asia - Northern Africa region
    Panel Organizer: Giovanni Andornino (University of Torino and TWAI)
  4. Italian Foreign Policy in Comparative Perspective 
    Panel Organizers: Pierangelo Isernia (University of Siena) and Francesca Longo (University of Catania)
  5. ‘Dependence’, ‘Interdependence’ and ‘Autonomy’ in Middle East security  
    Panel Organizer: Marina Calculli (American University of Beirut)

  6. Il Caucaso e il Caspio nel Sistema internazionale
    Panel Organizer: Marco Valigi (University of Rome Tre)

  7. Democracy, Prosperity and War at the EU Borderlines: current threats and future challenges
    Panel Organizers: Elena Baracani, Eugenia Baroncelli (University of Bologna) and Roberto Di Quirico (University of Cagliari)

  8. Heretics and Renegades in International Relations
    Panel Organizer: Michele Chiaruzzi (University of Bologna)

  9. Catch me if you can! European Security and Defence Integration and International Relations
    Panel Organizers: Andrea Locatelli (Catholic University of Milan) and Lorenzo Cladi (University of Birmingham)

  10. Transnational civilian intervention in conflict areas: from global civil society to jihadism
    Panel Organizers: Luisa Chiodi and Marzia Bona (Osservatorio Balcani Caucaso