SGRI 2013 | Regional Orders in the XXI Century

The 6th SGRI Conference (20th – 22nd June, 2013) on «Regional Orders in the XXI Century» was held in Trento, at the Bruno Kessler Foundation. The Conference, which was attended by more than 70 professors, researchers and PhD Students, hosted seven panels (35 papers presented in total) and 4 lectures by Bertrand Badie (Sciences Po), Ted Hopf (NSU Singapore), Patrick Morgan (University of California at Irvine, USA) and Leonardo Morlino (Luiss, Italiy). Some of the papers will be collected in an edited volume published by Fbk-Press.

1. Economic Crisis and European Union Studies 
Panel Organizers: Simona Piattoni e Vincent Della Sala (University of Trento)

2. The Chinese Challenge to the Western Order 
Panel Organizers: Matteo Dian and Antonio Fiori (University of Bologna) 

3. Gli studi sulla non-proliferazione e le relazioni internazionali contemporanee 
Panel Organizers: Paolo Foradori (University of Trento) and Corrado Stefanachi (University of Milan "Statale")

4. The EU Foreign Policy: Challenges and perspectives
Panel Organizers: Serena Giusti e Enrico Fassi (ISPI and Catholic University of Milan)

5. The Changing Shape of Multilateralism 
Panel Organizer: Fulvio Attinà (University of Catania) 

6. STRAT GROUP: Buoni, ma anche no... Attori non-statali e ordine internazionale nel XXI secolo 
Panel Organizer: Marco Valigi (University of Roma Tre)

7. Arab Spring: blurring or rebuilding of external/internal divide?  
Panel Organizers: Leonardo Morlino (Luiss) and Elena Baracani (University of Bologna)