International Politics Facing Technological and Social Upheavals | Trento - June 29-July 1, 2017

The annual Conference of the Italian Standing Group on International Relations is a two-day session that brings together scholars, researchers and PhD students from Italian academia to discuss issues related to global politics, European Studies, foreign policy, regional dynamics and international theory. This year's topic will be "International Politics Facing Technological and Social Upheavals". The 2017 Conference will be held for the sixth time in Trento from June 29th to July 1st and will be organized by IP Lab (International Politics Laboratory - a joint venture between the Fondazione Bruno Kessler and the University of Trento).

The annual SGRI Conference is an opportunity for scholars throughout Italy to come together and discuss topics that are relevant to international relations.

Previous conferences have examined:

  • IX - 2016 Exploring Foreign and Security Policy in International Relations (Trento 2016) | Download program 
  • VIII - 2015 Disentangling Subsystem Dynamics. The Search for Peace and Cooperation  (Trento 2015)| Download program
  • VII - 2014 Security and Cooperation in a Changing International System (Trento 2014) | Download program 
  • VI - 2013 Regional Orders in the XXI Century (Trento 2013) | Download program 
  • V - 2012 International Relations’ Theory 20 years after bipolarity (Trento 2012) Download program 
  • IV - 2009 Politics, Economics and Strategy: Continuity and Change in the International System (Milan 2009)
  • III - 2008 The Transformation of the International System after the End of the Cold War (Bertinoro 2008)
  • II - 2007 The Lack of a Culture of Defense in Italy (Bologna 2007)
  • I - 2004 Common Foreign and Security Policy and the role of the European Parliament (Parma 2004)