About Trento

Lying at the heart of the Dolomite Mountains, near Lake Garda, Trento offers a delightful sample of Italy's best: magnificent nature, rich cultural heritage, fantastic food and wine.
Trento is also a cosmopolitan city, at the crossroads of the contrasting cultures of Italy and Northern Europe; it is the home of a prestigious university where the conference will take place.
Capital of Trentino, not far from the Dolomites and the numerous lakes that can be found nearby, Trento is a city of art that has a strong Renaissance mark, which characterises it for its colours, its buildings and make it unique in the entire Alpine arc. Alps can be reached quickly by even the hardest-working conference attendee.
Known as the “painted city”, Trento offers many beautiful buildings within its compact historical center. Some of these were built to accommodate delegates to the Council of Trent (1545–1563). Most of the historical center has little or no traffic. Even brief walks during breaks from the conference are enjoyable. Culinary delights ranging from an cone of Italian ice cream to a multicourse meal can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors.


Buonconsiglio CastleThis castle is a "must visit" attraction as it represents the main monument of the city.
DuomoThe Duomo of Trento, also known as Saint Vigilius Cathedral, is located in the main square of Trento.
Museo diocesano tridentino. Next to the Duomo, Palazzo Pretorio host a permanent exhibition.
Palazzo delle Albere. A very suggestive villa, built in Renaissance style, that now hosts a permanent modern art museum.
Roman underground ruins. In Piazza Battisti you will find the access to the ruins of the underground ancient Trento built by the Romans. This is actually another city under Trento.
MUSE. The Science Museum designed by Renzo Piano.



20 minutes from Trento
Monte Bondone. This is the mountain that you can see just looking west from Trento down town. It can be reached either by bus, by car or by cable-car for hiking, for enjoying the landscape or just for having some traditional food in the local restaurants. 
Levico lake and Caldonazzo lake. The lake is a very good place to spend some time and relax, either just walking by or laying at the lakeside and catching some sun. If you like to practice sport, a number of facilities are available: jogging, cycling, swimming, sailing, wind-surfing. A wonderful nature path surrounds the Caldonazzo lake.
MART (Trento and Rovereto Museum of Modern Art). This is major modern art museum in Rovereto. It hosts ever changing exhibitions. 
Castel Toblino. An impressive landscape: a medieval castle surrounded by a small lake among the mountains.
40 minutes from Trento
Riva del Garda. You can practice sailing or just enjoy the landscape in the biggest lake in Italy.




For further information about attractions in Trento and surroundings, please visit the website of the local tourist information center in Trento.