8. Heretics and Renegades in International Relations

Chair: Alessandro Colombo (University of Milan "Statale") 
Discussants: Michele Chiaruzzi (University of Bologna)

Date: Friday 26th 2015
Room: Sala Piccola



‘What is man, that thou art mindful of him?’: Reinhold Niebuhr and the heresy of human nature in International Relations
Luca G. Castellin (Catholic University - Milan)

Historicizing International Relations: A Heresy in Contemporary International Relations
Richard Devetak (University of Queensland)

The Changing Limits of European International Society: Relations with “Barbarians” and Internal Pluralism in Historical Perspective
Stefano Procacci (Catholic University of Milan)

Politics is too important to be left to political scientists: A critique of the theory–policy nexus in International Relations
Lorenzo Zambernardi (University of Bologna)